Evolve 2019 Event Industry Conference

Join Paul Allen at this stellar event for his ‘Take Back Your Margin’ Presentation!


Paul Allen

Managing Director, Margin Partners
Australia’s Leading Authority on
Supplier Margin

Evolve 2019 is the largest gathering of event organisers, PCOs, in-house event managers and special event managers from all sectors; corporate, association and government in Australia. The Conference is also attended by Australia’s experts in event production, marketing, technology, delivery and design, it is the only conference that brings together the whole of the industry to network and exchange ideas and experiences.

Evolve 2019 will include the ‘Event Marketplace’ which will run concurrently with the sessions and will be the hub of the Conference.

This year, Evolve 2019 will host Paul Allen as a Featured Speaker.Paul is the Managing Director of Margin Partners and is recognised as Australia’s Leading Authority on Supplier Margin. His presentation topic will be “Take Back Your Margin!” Attendees will learn how to supply customers on their terms, not theirs & increase profitability within 90 days.


The “Take Back Your Margin!” presentation is an interactive experience that offers participants the opportunity to calculate where, why and how much profit, they are unintentionally losing in their business today.

Most importantly, they will learn how to get it back, and then some!

With a focus on up-selling and cross-functional cost control, Paul Allen will demonstrate to B2B Suppliers how to “give customers everything they want on your terms, not theirs”.

During Paul’s presentation, you’ll learn:

  • How to increase customer profitability by 15% within 90 days
  • Why Customer contracts must never be kept confidential
  • How to ensure your value-proposition is never again “under-valued”

For over 25 years, Paul Allen has been immersed in business-to-business categories, from beer to pies and paper to glass, helping organisations to unlock value with their contracted business partners.

If you’re a supplier in the Asia Pacific region who is struggling to maintain and grow your operating margins, whilst ever encroaching procurement teams stretch your resources with new demands, Paul could well become the most valuable resource you have on your team.

He routinely helps clients reclaim upwards of 15% of their customer specific net margin entitlement – profit that would otherwise be lost or silently absorbed as an unfavourable “operational variance”.

As a senior sales, marketing & general manager, Paul has worked with some of Australia & New Zealand’s best-known companies and brands, including Lion, Simplot, TABCORP, Australian Paper and O-I Glass. He has negotiated with relentless procurement teams across Europe, Asia and America – and sold billions of dollars of goods to globally recognised brands.

If you believe the lifeblood of your business lies in the certainty of long term customer contracts, then Paul’s insights will compel you to rethink your ‘true cost to serve’. He exposes the fallacy of over-servicing and invites Suppliers to contemplate how they can inadvertently relinquishing millions of dollars every year by failing to monitor Customer specific net margin.

We look forward to seeing you at Evolve 2019!

Evolve 2019
31 March – 2 April 2019

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