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Laynton Allan gave this unprompted testimonial after he and the KidsCo Leadership team completed a two-day Margin Intensive with Margin Partners.


Layton Allen

KidsCo Founder & Managing Director

“My company engaged Paul Allen and his company Margin Partners in mid-2019 at a key period of change within one of our business units. The business was working through a very turbulent period of change in terms of competitiveness, personnel, vision and ‘go-to-market strategy’. As a leadership group we were on a journey to take the business from a historically top-line sales focus to a more gross-margin focused approach. In particular we had one major customer that was especially problematic for and we knew there were significant margin improvement opportunities.

Paul Allen approached us at a very timely moment and when he presented immediately impressed us with his enthusiasm, practical experience, hands-on style and simplicity of message. Put simply he believed in what he was saying and had the results to back it up. We were intrigued and thought that a different voice in our business could help take the team on the journey.

We engaged Paul on the specific customer project, but it really was much more than that in taking a cross-functional team on a shared quest to generally improve business margins. Quite quickly as the project commenced it became very apparent that we had capable people that wanted to make a difference, but were operating in functional silos with little collaboration and cohesiveness which was driving much frustration. Paul’s approach was for the team to collaborate collectively in finding the optimal margin improvement opportunities for the business and then to work efficiently together to deliver them.

In summary the project was a great success and Paul’s influence has had a massive cultural effect on our business. The teams can see the tangible results of working collaboratively, it is a happier business and margin is now at the forefront of all of our thinking. Thanks for your help Paul!”

Philip Nuttall

National Sales & Marketing Manager, Oji Fibre Solutions

“Our company has employed Paul to assist us create a future plan. Like many companies, we got to a point where we were not 100% sure on the best course to take. We employed Paul to help us understand our strengths and limitations. He quickly identified we have much more to offer the customer than we realized and created a sales plan for us to follow and succeed with. Although our sales team was limited in its skills, Paul was able to break the tasks down, provide training, and accountability in meeting our goals.

I would highly recommend Paul to other companies wanting to get professional guidance on improving their business in the areas of sales and how to improve the margins, as well as cost reduction in your processes.”

Craig Wall

Director, Kenneth Ayres

“If you’re looking for a return on investment then I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul’s services. He has helped us identify where our margins were being eroded and at the same time was able to help us bring our people along on our new journey.

Customers pricing is closer aligned to their service deliverable’s and our buying behaviours are changing for the better.

In summary our profits are increasing.”

Kieren Colville

General Manager, AE Hoskins Building Services

“Paul’s ability to ask questions and really listen to the answers, combined with a unique approach to help his clients articulate value, makes his service a ‘must-have’ for any SME dealing with margin erosion.

If your business is struggling to cope with the constant squeeze of servicing the ‘big guys’; you need to meet with Paul and Margin Partners. It might just change your life.”

Jimmy McGregor

Managing Director, Westref Pty Ltd

“I would highly recommend Paul. He takes a genuine interest in your business and demonstrates great enthusiasm in wanting to help address and fix any issue that may be evident. He is an excellent group facilitator, can coach and guide but also rebut with positive force and reason when required. He listens keenly and distills information precisely. He’s also a very nice guy and fits into a team like he’s been there all his life. My team members certainly got a lot out of Paul’s facilitated sessions and have implement his suggestions and measures for the year ahead.
Keith Wootton

Managing Director, AV1

“Paul’s book “Take Back your Margin” is a call to arms for suppliers across all sectors … his 9 “accelerators framework” will empower business owners to rethink how customer profitability can be proactively managed. I recently witnessed a company’s gross margin erode from 39% to 13.5% over 36 (without the management team being aware of this erosion!) and couldn’t help but think how valuable “Take Back your Margin” would have been to prevent this situation. I highly recommend Paul’s book as a practical guideline for B2B suppliers to regain profit margins. ”

Ebbe Dommisse

Chief Operating Officer, Circa Group Pty Ltd