About You

Routinely we are engaged by Suppliers who are struggling to hold onto their margin entitlements due to a perceived lack of negotiation power, aggressive client procurement functions and a perpetual fear of losing a key customer. These clients have realised that the costs they incur to supply and service their major customers have become excessive and many feel they are being unnecessarily taken advantage of.

We constantly find Suppliers give far more than they receive, and yet continue to undervalue their very own value proposition. Our work can be transforming for cross functional teams who come to realise that they have a right and obligation, to hold their customer counterparts to contractual account. More so they learn how crucial their functional roles are in delivering individual customer net margin entitlements.

Our services are tailored to support four Key Segments

1. C-Suite

• CEO’s and CFO’s who instinctively know that there is commercial value leakage occurring within their business, but are unclear as to where and why.

2. Private Equity

• Seeking to optimise the profitability of investments through radical step changes in customer pricing, value proposition tiering and “cost to serve” controls.

3. Family Business Owners

• Fighting to maintain their margin as large customers intensify their demands for lower prices & additional services.

4. Sales Directors

• Wanting to benchmark how well their Key Account Teams are holding customers to commercial account and for opportunities to introduce value creation initiatives.