Business margins to go under the microscope at MEA’s EVOLVE

Originally Published: AustralasianSpecialEvents, February 01, 2019

Supplier margin expert Paul Allen will present at MEA’s EVOLVE in 2019 | Photo supplied

The events industry will get the chance to reassess its operating margins at Meeting and Events Australia‘s EVOLVE.

The industry association has just announced Australian authority on supplier margin, Paul Allen, will present “Take Back Your Margin!” at their annual conference, giving attendees the opportunity to calculate where, why and how much profit they are unintentionally losing in their business and how to get it back.

Allen is Managing Director of Margin Partners and has written a book on reclaiming business margins.

For over 25 years, he has been immersed in business-to-business categories, helping organisations to unlock value with their contracted business partners.

With a focus on up-selling and cross functional cost control, Paul is set to show how to “give customers everything they want on your terms, not theirs”.

MEA’s CEO, Robyn Johnson said, “If you’re a supplier in the Asia Pacific region who is struggling to maintain and grow your operating margins, whilst ever encroaching procurement teams stretch your resources with new demands, Paul could well become the most valuable resource you have on your team.

“He routinely helps clients reclaim upwards of 15% of their customer specific net margin entitlement – profit that would otherwise be lost or silently absorbed as an unfavourable ‘operational variance’.”

As a senior sales, marketing & general manager, Paul has worked with some of Australia & New Zealand’s best-known companies and brands, negotiated with procurement teams across Europe, Asia and America and sold billions of dollars of goods to globally recognised brands.

“If you believe the lifeblood of your business lies in the certainty of long-term customer contracts, then my insights will compel you to rethink your ‘true cost to serve’,” said Allan.

“I will expose the fallacy of over-servicing and invite suppliers and business owners to contemplate how they may be inadvertently relinquishing millions of dollars every year by failing to monitor customer specific net margin.”

EVOLVE takes place 31 March-2 April 2019 at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.