What We Do

Margin Partners Empower Suppliers To Increase Their Net-Margin.


Three filters are used to diagnose how ‘Switched-On’ a supplier is to optimise their client profit:

  1. Contract Compliance – Are customers kept compliant to their Contracted obligations?
  2. Extra Revenue – Do extra services incur extra fees or are they given as ‘freebies’?
  3. Cost to Serve – Are cross-functional teams proactively driving down service costs?


The ‘Switched-On Strategy’ is a three-step, nine accelerator program that empowers Suppliers to thrive.

The Three Steps:

  1. Know your total cost to serve
  2. Supply on your terms, not theirs
  3. Teach customers how to treat you
Margin Erosion Can Be Found & Fixed.
Net Margin Defined
Only net margin, when calculated for individual customers, can account for everything that requires time or money to provide specific goods or services to the purchaser. This expense, when deducted from customer revenue, results in a truly transparent picture of customer-specific profitability. This is the margin that suppliers are most at risk of losing and this is the margin we invite suppliers to defend and grow.


Testimonial - Marty Matassoni

Managing Director of Beechworth Bakery , Marty Matassoni, describes his experience of working with Paul Allen and how his operating margin doubled!

Keynote Address - CEO Institute New Zealand

In February 2024, Paul Allen travelled to Auckland to deliver a key note address & margin workshop at the CEOI 2024 Summit.

CEO Testimonial - Eleanor Clausen

The International Spine Centre (TISC) CEO – Eleanor Clausen, explains how her operating margin increased from 15% to 34% over twelve months with Paul Allen’s mentorship.


“Since the early 1990’s, Australians have witnessed a progressive revolution in customer service ethos across both B-C, B-B and Government-c channels. We’ve moved away from the old world customer indifference model to a new found enthusiasm for ‘the customer experience’, with more and more organisations wearing their Net Promoter Scores as a badge of honour in the customer service stakes.

While this is arguably a good thing, over the years the margin pendulum has swung a little too far in the direction of the customer. Take Back Your Margin! is a timely wake-up call to anyone in business.

After reading Paul’s book, you will be emboldened and empowered to pursue fair value for your products and services, in a way that engenders respect and trust.”

Harry Petropoulos

“Through his approach and insights, both sides were able to deliver the value that their respective companies demanded. A more connected and better-articulated relationship was built—laying the foundation for a more robust global alliance.

As a highly experienced procurement expert who has worked globally in the FMCG environment, I can recommend Paul’s innovative approach for unlocking sources of untapped value for both sides of the negotiation table. Take Back Your Margin is a must-read for buyers and sellers in any B2B context.”

Richard van Breda
Global Category Director, SABMiller Procurement

In this groundbreaking book for business-to-business suppliers, you’ll discover:

  • How failure to hold your customers accountable compounds margin erosion
  • Why your sales team should never be solely responsible for the customer
  • How suppliers allow their value proposition to be undervalued
  • Why customer contracts should not  be kept confidential
  • How procurement people manage to cut supplier revenue by -3% each year



Founded by Paul Allen and based in Melbourne & Auckland, Margin Partners works with B2B Suppliers to help them reclaim and grow their contracted customer Net-Margin entitlements.

Paul is an accomplished commercial Director who has leveraged a classic Fast Moving Consumer Goods pedigree to significant effect across multiple Business to Business categories. Paul has held senior management roles at Lion, Tabcorp, Patties Foods, Australian Paper & O-I Glass.