How B2B Suppliers benefit from the Payment Times Reporting Scheme


Delivered: March-April 2021, by Paul Allen

This free webinar is for every B2B Supplier who is striving to protect and grow their profitability.

Limited to 30-minutes, the B2B Executive Briefing provides regular updates on legislation, techniques, and client management best practice, to ensure Suppliers are rewarded and respected for all they do.

The March edition will dive into the Federal Government’s Payment Times Reporting Scheme (PTRS), which is now live and promises to do for B2B relationships what eHarmony, tinder etc has done for online dating!

In essence, the Government has created a dating app for the B2B sector. Its goal is to improve the accuracy of customers “profiles”, so that poor behaviour and practices towards suppliers, becomes transparent. Armed with such insights, it is hoped that suppliers ‘swipe left or right’ more wisely when it comes to selecting trading partners (customers). Furthermore, that customers, will more readily be inclined to do the right thing.

This session will explain what Suppliers need to know & how the scheme can assist them in establishing supply fairer supply agreements & terms.

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