Paul Allen

Paul Allen

Principal & Founder

What a Good Day at work looks like…
“Cross Functional teams working together to give Customers all that they want, but on the Suppliers terms”

Paul Allen is a Suppliers Advocate.

His expertise are directed at ensuring B2B Suppliers reclaim, maintain and grow their full margin entitlements, as they serve and supply their customers.

He believes Suppliers unnecessarily undervalue their own value propositions and are reluctant to hold their key customers to commercial account. Paul’s mission is to offer an all-encompassing solution that protect Suppliers from Margin Erosion and in doing so, addresses internal behavioural, knowledge and relationship dysfunctions that cause it.

He seeks to demonstrate how staff can experience more ‘good’ days at work when their efforts are directly aligned to the needs of the P&L. He draws broadly on his front-line experience working within companies such as Lion, TABCORP, Simplot, Patties Foods, Australian Paper and O-I Glass.

An accomplished Commercial Director, with a diverse background in FMCG & B2B categories, Paul brings a unique set of skills and abilities to his work. His great strength is unearthing latent organizational equity and converting it into value. Many of his most distinguished achievements have resulted from development of growth orientated Value Propositions, Margin Improvement programs and Cross Functional Teams.

Alongside his exceptional commercial reputation, Paul is regarded as a self-aware Executive; with both refined communication skills and a genuine empathy for people in, and outside the workplace. Paul is a coach and mentor to multiple past and present colleagues.

Paul’s unique ability to design and execute value-creating strategies will offer significant benefits to companies with a mandate for revenue & profit growth.

Industry Expertise
Manufacturing & Distribution
Aged Care

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Business
Master of Business Administration