Australian Paper Launches Sustainable Reporting Programme

Paul Allen, general manager (packaging) at Australian Paper says, “Manufacturers across Australia are striving to establish nonprice based forms of competitive advantage. After assessing data from 50 ASX 100 companies, we identified sustainability (across the values of the Global Reporting Initiative or GRI) as a significant opportunity for our business.

“Paper is used every day in offices, printing and packaging applications. Companies that choose Australian Paper will now be able to report on the impacts of that usage against globally recognised metrics, and can be confident of the value their purchase decision brings to the Australian economy.”

According to Australian Paper, Tonne of Value provides a detailed breakdown of the energy and water usage; fibre sources and contribution to landfill; jobs and economic contribution in each tonne of paper manufactured by Australian Paper.

Allen continues, “Australian Paper is committed to sustainability in our own operations, encompassing economic, environmental and social values. We are proud to be able to extend this commitment to support our customers.”