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Paul Allen is a powerful advocate for B2B suppliers. His wealth of experience in how to recover margin and protect profits ensures that suppliers maintain and grow their full profitability while they serve and supply their customers.

Paul has witnessed first-hand how suppliers undervalue their own value propositions, often reluctant to hold key customers to account and enforce their own terms. By addressing behaviours, mindset and relationship dysfunctions inside the business, he coaches suppliers on the best ways to avoid and resolve the pitfalls of margin erosion.

With a background spanning manufacturing and distribution, packaging, FMCG, education and aged care, Paul knows how to help staff experience more good days at work by aligning their efforts directly to the needs of the P&L. He draws broadly on his front-line experience with companies such as Lion, TABCORP, Simplot, Patties Foods, Australian Paper and O-I Glass to develop value propositions, margin improvement programs and cross-functional teams.

It is this unique set of skills and abilities, combined with his genuine empathy for people in and outside the workplace, that has forged Paul’s exceptional commercial reputation and encouraged him to mentor and coach others. He is in high demand as a speaker, presenter and analyst for many media outlets, including MEATV, Saxton Speakers Bureau, The Qantas Business Channel, and Dollars With Sense.

In addition, Paul is a regular contributor to various industry publications such as APPITA, DIAA, and PKN. He is an accomplished commercial director, holding two bachelor’s degrees, in arts and in business, and a master’s in business administration (MBA).

If you’re a B2B supplier and are ready to regain a minimum of 10-20% of bottom-line customer profit for your business, then look no further. Paul Allen is the only choice for providing expert advice on optimising revenue and profit – he will show you how to take back the margin that is rightfully yours!